The Problem


Did you know that there is a plan for an energy super highway with enormous towers that will run right through the center of scenic Columbia & Dutchess Counties? On the east side of the river, the towns of Milan, Clinton, Pleasant Valley, Livingston, Claverack, Ghent and Stuyvesant are directly in the bullseye of this proposed energy super highway. On the west, other proposals target Ulster and Orange Counties and the Towns of New Baltimore, Coeymans, Coxsackie, Athens, Catskill, Saugerties, Kingston, Rosendale, and many others.


The proposed overhead high voltage monster towers could be as much as double the height of the current towers. The corridor may also be expanded by as much as double (+160 feet) involving direct property loss for many people. According to the NY Transmission Owners’ proposal, the upgrade will involve taking as much as 29 square acres, that’s over 120 miles of 160′ of land.  Many people are already facing the reality of plummeting property values and the possibility of losing their homes entirely.


Our Property Values and Tax Rates: It will impact you whether you live near the power lines or not. Property values have already plummeted for those close to the power lines.  Many simply cannot sell their homes.  With those values suddenly debased, and property owners grieving for tax reductions, towns must look to the rest of the community to make up the gap.  This issue affects all of us.

Our Pristine Views: According to blueprints issued by the proposers, the new towers may be up to 135 feet tall, 130-150% of the current height of most towers.  On hilltops this height may require blinking lights.

Our Historic Buildings:  The Hudson Valley is home to a wealth of historic structures and properties.  Hundreds of these properties (and their values), are in the path of the upgrade, either directly or in the viewshed.

Our Economy: The Hudson Valley is home to countless family-owned farms, organic farms, horse farms, and other businesses that will be directly affected by the lines, in some cases threatening the very viability of the businesses.

The Concern of Health Risks for Our Families: The additional 345 KV Electrical Transmission Line is three times the electricity currently running through Clinton.  The widespread application of herbicides underneath the lines can threaten our well water.